Friday, November 14, 2008

i feel wobbly and shortness of breath...

it is really hard for me to sit up or lie on my back- i start losing my breath really fast.
even sitting while driving the car or being in the passenger seat is just really a chore.

i have noticed that i cant even walk or climb the stairs anymore without swaying side to side.
the weight gain is making it very difficult to bend over, and do simple things like empty the dishwasher.

i have 2 pairs of pants that fit, and a few long shirts. i was really hoping to make it without buying maternity clothes- but it is not looking good! maybe i can find something on clearance at Target.


Amy said...

I feel your pain. I have gotten some of the most comfortable and cheap maternity clothes at Kohls and they are having a sale today and tomorrow.

I DO Belize Weddings said...

Oh, it is so great to be able to "check in" with you and Harper while I am away. Not sure what I would do being so far and not being able to "hear" about what is going on. See you in 17 days. Love you. xoxo.
Lil' sis