Wednesday, April 16, 2008

+ preg test!!!!!!!!!!

April 7th, 2008 i took a preg test and got a +! i was not expecting to be pregnant only 46 days after the wedding, so i will say this was a bit of a surprise! john swears this baby is going to come right around the last day of the year, but my prediction is around Dec 17th! keli is hoping that baby comes on her b-day (dec 26th!)


Anonymous said...

I love you dear little one!!!!
I'm waiting for you these next 7 1/2 months and can't wait to be your auntie Tia Keli!!!

We'll be able to share birthdays! I hope you're born on my bday... but if you're not I'll be just as happy you don't have to have your birthday shared with Christmas.

Waiting and waiting for you.
Aunt Keli